Some of our favorite swing-related links:

Swing dancing in Ireland…

DubLindy is there to put a swing in your step! With weekly classes in the Grand Social.

Galway Swing
The website for one of the Swing instructors in Galway. Weekly classes.

Another instructor in Galway.  Weekly classes.

A group that organises many classes (in various Swing styles) and events around the Belfast area.

More teachers and event organisers in Belfast!  Classes in Lindy Hop and Charleston.

Swing Dance Cork
Teachers and event organisers in Cork!  Classes in Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Solo Jazz.

Swing Out Cork
More teachers and event organisers in Cork!  Classes in Lindy Hop.

Hollywood Slim and the Fat Cats
The website for one of the coolest bands in Dublin, a hot swing-blues band! A must-see! Also formerly known as The Hi-Tones in a previous, larger incarnation.

The Long John Jump Band
The website for another groovy Dublin swing band, the Long John Jump Band! They also play loads of weddings (including ours), where they’ll do loads of non-swing stuff as well. Pretty much all our wedding guests thought they were the best wedding band ever. Check them out!

…in the U.K. …


A Swing Dance club in London.

Jive Connection
Swing in southern London and England.

The Lindy Circle
Instructors in London.

Dance instructors in the UK. Fred and Becky are very nice people and they put on a great workshop every year called Swing Jam (see below).

London Swing Dance Society
Just what it sounds like. Lots of good dancing there!

The Swing Bunch
General Swing site for the London area.

Site devoted to swing in London and around the UK. They teach and have nights on. Have been to C-Jam — one of their regular nights — and it is quite good.

This website is primarily interested in promoting Hollywood Swing or Dean Collin’s Style Lindy Hop in the UK.

The Swing Time Dance Company
The official web site of Paul and Natasha from BBC’s Stictly Dance Fever! We didn’t see the audition episode(s), so we never saw them dance properly. There’s a great clip of them doing a routine on their site, though. Wow, they’re pretty damn good! Look at Paul go! 🙂

Kingdom of Dance
A site where you can find dancing events happening in the dance scene across the UK. Also suppliers of all dance shoes and dancewear.


Edinburgh Swing Dance Society
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Fly Right Dance Company
Now the banner under which you can find the “Swing Out Scotland” gang in Edinburgh.

…and around the world
The main website for the swing music and dance scene in Portland, Oregon, Jamie’s home town. Cool place, lots of great dancers!
A map with links to swing scenes all over the U.S.! Visiting a particular state? Go to this site, click on the state, and see what’s there!

Workshops / Camps / Exchanges

Simply the most amazing dance camp in the world. Four fabulous weeks in July. Go for 1 week. Go for all 4 weeks. Just go.

Swing Jam
A fantastic workshop in England held on the last weekend in August. Great instructors from all over the world, and not too expensive. Well worth it.

The Lindy Exchange Homepage
All information about Lindy exchanges happening all over the place! An exchange in an event hosted by the dancers in a city, typically over a weekend (sometimes more), where they schedule lots of dance events (and some non-dance events for general socialising) and invite any and all dancers from outside the city to come to town. Dancers who visit for the exchange are generally hosted by the dancers from that city (that is, they provide you with a place to sleep in their home and bring you to the different dances and other events). It’s a great way to get to know dancers from other places in a fun, social atmosphere, and for the hosts to show off their city (and dance scene) to other dancers.

Clothing etc.

Dance Store
A U.S. website with tons of cool stuff. They no longer carry Bleyers (one of the best swing dance shoes around), but they do have a new line of shoes that looks very nice (haven’t tried them, but if Dance Store recommends them, you can be sure they’re good). U.S.-based, though, so if you live in Europe, you might try…

Lindy Hop Shop
Lindy Hop Shop U.K.-based site, so if you live in Europe, Bleyers (which are German-made) are good value, and shipping is also less than having stuff sent from the U.S. I don’t think they carry the full line of selection of Bleyers, though, so you might want to poke around a bit. LHS also carries lots of other stuff well worth a look, including instructional videos. [Note: LHS is part of the London Swing Dance Society site.]


Proper Music
Oh yeah, baby! 4-CD box sets of all the jazz greats. Each set comes with a detailed booklet. Best of all, the sets are cheap! Great value for money.

Classes Closures

The re-opening of our classes has been suspended for the moment due to the latest government guidelines. As soon as our studios open back up again and as soon as we deem safe to do so (swing dancing, being a partner dance, doesn’t follow the same rules as other solo dance forms), we will announce when our classes are starting back again.

Stay safe and well!