Last update: December 15th 2020

Welcome to Boogie Beat Swing

Teaching Swing Dancing in Dublin since 2001.


The re-opening of our classes has been suspended for the moment due to the latest government guidelines. As soon as our studios open back up again and as soon as we deem safe to do so (swing dancing, being a partner dance, doesn’t follow the same rules as other solo dance forms), we will announce when our classes are starting back again.

Stay safe and well!

Jamie and Clare are the teachers behind Boogie Beat Swing. We teach various styles of Swing Dancing in Dublin and have the longest-running Lindy Hop and Swing Classes in Ireland!

On Monday nights in The Liffey Trust Studios, we teach Lindy Hop, the original Swing dance that dates back to 1927. It’s a progressive 6-week course, meaning we build on steps from week to week. The Beginners class is meant for anyone who has never done Lindy Hop before (or anyone looking to refresh their basics!), whether you’ve done other styles of Swing or you’ve never set foot in a dance class before.

We also run a weekly social night, Route 66, in The Turks Head, Temple Bar in Dublin every Wednesday night. At the beginning of the night, we teach a Beginners class in East Coast Swing at 8pm. This class is a great introduction to swing dancing. You don’t need a partner as we rotate partners throughout the class. We also teach a Beyond the Basics class at 7:15pm for those who have been coming for a while and feel confident with the beginner class. At 9pm the social dance portion of the evening begins, where you can practice what you’ve learned, dance with lots of people (including more experienced but very friendly and approachable dancers), meet new people and have fun in general.

If you go to our Classes page, you will find information about ourselves, our dance classes and Swing music gigs happening around town (i.e. places to go dance). This website is updated on a semi-regular basis, so it is advisable to check in periodically to see if any gigs, class info or whatnot have been added. Page updates and other items of interest will be listed on the News page.

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There is also a Facebook Group with regular updates about the Monday night Lindy Hop classes, Route 66, and upcoming swing gigs and classes around town. To join, click here and request to be added to the group.

For more information about the Monday night Lindy Hop classes, check out
our Classes page.

To find out more about Route 66, our Swing Dance Dublin social night, go to the What’s On page.