Swing Dance Classes in Dublin

Lindy Hop Classes

The Liffey Trust Studios, Dublin 1


Boogie Beat Swing offer Swing Dance classes at their Route 66 Social Swing night in The Turks Head, Temple Bar in Dublin every Wednesday night. They also teach Lindy Hop Classes at The Liffey Trust Studios, near the 3 Arena in Dublin.

Lindy Hop Classes

Swing is a wide family of dances incorporating many related (though sometimes only loosely) dances, from Lindy Hop to East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing to Boogie Woogie, Balboa to Shag, and from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Jive.

Dating back to 1927, Lindy Hop is the original – and still the best! – of the Swing dances, reigning over American dance floors for about 20 years.

Lindy Hop classes are taught on Mondays at The Liffey Trust Studios, North Wall, Dublin 1 – in the Point Village area, near the LUAS (Click on the link for a map and directions to the studio). A 6-week session costs €55 (students: €50).

Pre-registration for the Beginners class is recommended as space is limited. Be sure to arrive early on the first night to complete your registration. See the Session Schedule box above to find out when the next session begins. Note there are no classes on Bank Holiday Mondays (hence some Monday sessions may run for more than 6 weeks if one or more Bank Holidays fall in the middle of the session).

Please note that for all of our classes, it is not necessary to bring your own partner, as there are plenty of other people to dance with. Comfortable clothing and flat, smooth-soled shoes are recommended.

Level 1 (Beginners): Learn the basics of Lindy Hop. In this course, we lay the foundations for you, teaching you the essential elements of Lindy, enabling you to hit the floor dancing.

  • Mondays at The Liffey Trust Studios from 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Level 2 (Improvers): Now that you know the basics, start building your Lindy repertoire with new moves that build on the basics learned in the Level 1 class. There are 5 different 6-week Level 2 sessions – A, B, C, D and E (30 weeks in total) – taught on a rotating basis, and they can be taken in any order.

  • Mondays at The Liffey Trust Studios from 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

East Coast Swing Classes

Route 66 at the Turk’s Head in Dublin on Wednesday nights includes a lesson in East Coast Swing, which is a much-simplified form of Swing dancing from around the 1950s (the early Rock ‘n’ Roll era). As such, it’s a great way to introduce beginners to Swing dancing. Each week, we teach the basic step, then we teach a couple of different moves (with enough different moves for about 12 weeks of classes), so new people can start any night, and returning people can continue to learn new moves.

Route 66 also includes a “Beyond the Basics” class at 7:15 pm for those who have been attending the Beginners class for a while and now want to take their dancing up to the next level.

For more information about Route 66, check out our What’s On page.

Please note that for all of our classes, it is not necessary to bring your own partner, as there are plenty of other people to dance with. Comfortable clothing and flat, smooth-soled shoes are recommended.

We are no longer running
Swing Dance / Lindy Hop classes
or social nights

Farewell from Jamie and Clare

Hi Everyone,

The last year and a half of living under the shadow of Covid has wrought many changes to all of our lives. As well, it has been a period of reflection and introspection, of re-examination of priorities.

Following much consideration, changing of plans and of minds, reconsideration, indecision, trepidation, and finally acceptance, Clare and I have come to the difficult decision to step away from teaching dancing.

This truly has not been an easy decision for us. We have years — for me, Jamie, Covid stopped us about 3 weeks before the 19th anniversary of the first dance class I taught in Ireland — of happy memories and have met so many wonderful people over the years, that it’s hard to imagine that not being a part of our lives.

Or rather, it would have been difficult to imagine pre-covid. Having had that responsibility — of organising classes, organising DJs, finding venues, publicising, responding to emails, taking phone calls at any hour of the day, night or weekend, teaching twice a week for 45+ weeks per year, and doing all of that on top of day jobs and raising 2 kids, and as a result being physically and mentally exhausted most of the time — lifted from our shoulders for the first time in 19 years, it was so liberating, as you can probably imagine, given the above list! And we realised that it was something that we just need to do, for our own sakes and for our kids.

As it turns out, our hands would likely have been forced anyway, as I have now signed up for a 2-year course to add qualifications related to my work, and the classes are only on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

We don’t intend to stop dancing altogether. Teaching our classes was always great fun, and we enjoyed it immensely. At the same time, it made the dancing into work, and we both tended to avoid social dancing as a result. We hope that stepping back like this will help us to rediscover our joy in dancing again and do more actual social dancing.

All of that being said, it was still difficult to contemplate giving up our “baby”! I’ve been teaching and organising social dances since 2000, and Route 66 has been going since 2004! We know that the social night in particular is (or was!) a beloved part of many people’s weekly routines, and we wanted to be sure we could hand it over to someone who had many of the same philosophies of teaching and social dancing as us, and who could be relied upon to take over the organisational reins on a long-term basis without letting it drop. For us, Alan fit that bill perfectly, and we were SO happy that he was willing to take over the night from us.

Yes, there will likely be some changes — some due to his own style, some due to the realities of the post-Covid world (whenever that actually arrives!!), which may even necessitate a change of venue and/or night (as Alan himself will elaborate upon further himself) — but the relaxed, drop-in nature of the classes and many of the same DJs will remain the same, he’s got many of the Dublin-based teachers you all know lined up to teach the classes, and of course the most important thing that made the nights so special will also be there: all of YOU, the students and dancers! This night was never about us; it was always you guys and the special friendships you made while sharing dances that really built the community you all came to love so much.

So whenever and wherever Alan is finally able to bring the night back, go out and hit the dance floor and celebrate with each other, and bring back the joy you used to feel and have been missing for so long. And if you see us out dancing, be sure to come over and ask us for a dance!! 🕺 💃 🥰 🥰 🥰